About Torbay Charts

The Torbay Charts PDA has been fully developed in digital and paper formats for hip and knee arthritis pathways by Mr Rangaraju Ramesh. This development was commissioned from Health and Care Innovations LLP under the terms of the joint venture partnership agreement. Funding for this development was provided from the Trust innovation fund (residual income from TACIT project) and contribution from Medical Director budget. 

A pilot study has been conducted in Torbay and of the 107 patients surveyed 92% reported that the PDA supported their shared decision making very well. 4.7% of patients, although expecting to be referred for surgery, opted for non-surgical interventions and attributed this decision to the use of the Torbay Charts. 

Torbay Charts has been presented at the STP Clinical Cabinet and SDM Group with positive feedback. Approval was given to conducting a larger scale pilot involving the four STP partners. This has commenced but has not progressed in terms of anticipated scale and pace / outputs due to the factors discussed below. 

Following a competitive application Torbay Charts has been adopted as one of the projects to be supported through the SW AHSN Spread Academy programme. This entailed three team members (Raju Ramesh / Matt Halkes / Jane Dewar) attending a three day workshop facilitated by international experts in spread and adoption. Further update sessions will be attended (time permitting). 

TC has also been presented to Prof Alf Collins (Clinical Director Personalised Care NHSE) who provided useful advice and guidance. He reported that from his perspective it presented a new approach to PDA’s and strongly encouraged its ongoing development and deployment. Prof Angela Coulter, national expert on SDM, was also supportive of the concept.

The results of the pilot study have been presented by Mr Ramesh at Jonkoping Microsysystems Conference, Sweden and International Shared Decision Making Conference, Ottawa. The latter event led to in depth discussion with international experts in shared decision making and PDA’s, Dr Brian Alper (founder of Dynamed and Option Grid PDA) and Prof Dawn Stacey plus Prof Annette O’connor (University of Ottawa). Both confirmed that Torbay Charts has unique features that distinguish it from other PDA’s and have made recommendations re the scaling of its deployment.